Get to know the culture

of our welcoming town

Byala is known for the noted Byala Bridge over the Yantra River and the Liberation War Museum dedicated to the Russo-Turkish War. But we have much more to share from our region’s rich history and culture.

We are proud of our heritage and take every opportunity to tell stories of our forefathers, to show the many talents of our people and to create new history for generations to come. We founded Art Center Byala to honor our hometown’s heroes and glory days, and to make room for new memories and celebrations.

Preserving the past. Creating the present. Working for the future.

Picture: Wax Museum
Picture: Wax Museum 2


Art Center Byla is located in “Sveti Panteleimon” Park, a curious meeting point of culture and religion, sport and recreation. Being on the outskirts of Byala, near major highways going in and out of the country, it is an ideal spot for taking a short break or spending a few hours enjoying the many activities the complex has to offer. Learn about our history, go to a movie or just relax in the park or cafe.

About us

Preserving the past. Creating the present. Working for the future.

Art Center Byala was founded to encourage local creativity and to pass on the region’s historical and cultural heritage to Byala’s visitors. With everything we do, we aim to leave a mark and instill in young people a desire for growth and knowledge. So that one day, we can immortalize their own notable achievements in the halls of our museum.

Our values ​​lead us in our quest to benefit our city and community:

We are eager to learn about our history and to pass the knowledge on to future generations and our town’s guests in new and exciting ways.
We continually improve and refine our environment to proudly share the richness of our region and actively participate in writing its contemporary history.
We recreate the stories of Byala and the region in a realistic and credible way to bring visitors closer to our heritage, so that they remember it and pass it on.
We use modern technologies and methods to provide visitors with an unforgettable experience – always new, different and exciting.
With care for others
We do our best to show our guests our hospitality, making them feel welcome and comfortable. We offer visitors a pleasant and enriching experience, so that they leave with new knowledge and a good mood.
Our dream is to make Art Center Byala a top tourist destination over the next 50 years, showcasing the people who left a mark in Bulgarian science, sports and culture – our children.


A bridge between past, present and future.